Cuadro released!

Ok, so this is a little after the fact, but we wanted to tell you that our first app, Cuadro, has gone live at  Cuadro is a mac screenshot utility, of which there are dozens.  But what makes Cuadro special and unique is its minimalist approach and super-clean interface.

Cuadro Screenshot

Cuadro about to capture part of a Numbers document

Cuadro is a wonderful faux-wood frame that sits in your Dock; when you select it, you can adjust the size and position of the frame and then print or copy the interior of the frame as in any screengrab.  Though we’ll be adding features in the future, we got tired of seeing so many apps overload the user with complicated interfaces while not fixing the one problem most screenshots share: precision.   What invariably happens to me when I take a screenshot is that I then have to crop the image because I’m always off by a pixel on one side.  With Cuadro, because of the precise framing, this never happens.

Anyway, like all our apps, Cuadro is only $1.  So not only is it an incredibly easy and fun app, it’s also iPhone-app cheap!  Grab it while it’s hot, and enjoy!

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