Clerk goes out into the world!

Clerk is now live for download!  Clerk is a document manager which uses Spotlight to help you keep tabs on all your PDFs, live.  You can browse, view, filter, open, and print anything in your collection.  The app is deliberately minimal, giving you exactly what you need in a slick, clean package.  Enjoy! is a mac PDF document manager is a mac PDF document manager

At the end of the day, there are lots of choices for document aides similar to Clerk.  But what you uniquely get here is an intuitive, no-hassle interface, lifetime upgrades as the app matures, and the incredible iphone-level price of $1.  That’s a pretty insane price for a full-featured desktop app!  Keep your eyes on this blog to see our updates as they come, or follow us on Twitter!

You can get Clerk at, and of course, like all our apps, Clerk is only $1, making it an insane value at this price!

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