Nightstand – The Professional Alarm Clock

After 4 months of care, dedication, toil, and angst, Nightstand is now available in the app store.

Nightstand is unlike any app in the store.  Lots of quality apps boast an alarm clock radio with weather; however, none throw iTunes AND a best-of-class web browser in the mix.  What makes Nightstand so unique and great isn’t its “infinite tabs” browser, simplified unique ” radio pre-sets” bookmark system, music visualizer, or its custom weather graphics – no, it’s the simplicity and attention to detail that can only come from a team which uses their product every day and listens to feedback.

So I’d like to thank the many people who helped trial and refine Nightstand, at home, at large, and at Apple.  Your effort multiplies my effort.

Let’s have a look at the fruit of those labors.  Here is the screen as I submitted it to the app store:


An overview of Nightstand

Of course there’s a lot more to be seen if you follow the link.

Nightstand is intriguing for me personally because it demonstrates the kind of innovative product only made possible on the iPad.  Moreover, it shows the kind of lifestyle-enhancing ideas that can be successfully applied on the platform.  Like so many others, it came to my attention that there was no built-in alarm clock on iPad (unlike iPhone).  Perhaps unlike others, I started my creative process by asking “What would I want to do right before or after using an alarm clock?”.  The answers I found are embodied in the final product: check the weather, listen to some music or my favorite radio station (SoCal NPR), and browse my first-read websites – without all the hassle of doing these things separately.

Nightstand uniquely makes that possible.  Well, if you do check out the app let us all know what you think!

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