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Hubapps in the Mac App Store

The long-awaited Mac App Store went live this morning, and we’re very pleased to announce that we have three incredible apps available at launch. The Mac experience differs in at least two major ways from iOS (beyond the obvious UI … Continue reading

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Nightstand – The Professional Alarm Clock

After 4 months of care, dedication, toil, and angst, Nightstand is now available in the app store. Nightstand is unlike any app in the store.  Lots of quality apps boast an alarm clock radio with weather; however, none throw iTunes … Continue reading

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Keeper HD

We here at hubapps have had iPad on the brain for some time.  Allowing an unprecedented combination of mobility and utility in a single device is one revolution, but the iPad’s real innovation lies one step further.  Though the iPhone … Continue reading

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Keeper – Innovative Mac notetaking

Some years ago, we released our first commercial application – Keeper.  It had a different name then, but it was even at that time one of the most innovative note apps available.  Now Keeper boasts menubar access, it monitors your … Continue reading

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Clerk goes out into the world!

Clerk is now live for download!  Clerk is a document manager which uses Spotlight to help you keep tabs on all your PDFs, live.  You can browse, view, filter, open, and print anything in your collection.  The app is deliberately … Continue reading

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Cuadro released!

Ok, so this is a little after the fact, but we wanted to tell you that our first app, Cuadro, has gone live at  Cuadro is a mac screenshot utility, of which there are dozens.  But what makes Cuadro … Continue reading

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The blog goes live!

Welcome!  At, we seek to build tools which simplify your workflow and provide for an enjoyable experience along the way.  As of this posting, we’ve got about a dozen apps under development across a range of core areas which … Continue reading

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